Supporting charitable organizations serving individuals located in the East Metro, Ramsey and Washington Counties of Minnesota, and the St. Croix River Valley.

In 2020, grants totaling $5,165,250 were made to local organizations.

Hardenbergh Foundation Grant Award Categories 2020

  •  3%—Environment Preservation & Education
  • 10%—Arts & History
  • 10%—Youth
  • 12%—Housing & Support Services
  • 16%—Community Support Services
  • 21%—Health & Wellness
  • 27%—Employment Education & Training

Hardenbergh Foundation History

David Bronson created his wealth in the St. Croix white pine logging boom in the mid- to late 1800s. With partners, he created the East Side Lumber Company then acquired a fleet of steam-powered paddle wheelers which pushed log rafts down the Mississippi to market. In 1950, Bronson’s granddaughter Ianthe Hardenbergh (nee Bronson) and her daughter Gabrielle Hardenbergh created the St. Croix Foundation—now the Hardenbergh Foundation.


Directors: John G. Couchman, Jeffrey T. Peterson, Jon A. Theobald