Grants for charitable organizations operating in the East Metro, Ramsey and Washington Counties, and the St. Croix River Valley of Minnesota.

In 1950, Ianthe Hardenbergh and her daughter Gabrielle Hardenbergh created the St. Croix Foundation, named in recognition of the family’s logging business which had created their wealth. In 2005, the Foundation’s name was changed to the Hardenbergh Foundation to avoid confusion with the newly created St. Croix Community Foundation.

Since its inception, the Foundation has contributed to programs providing health care, senior housing, education, community services and support of the arts. In recognition of its limited resources, grants are focused on charitable organizations operating in the East Metro, Ramsey and Washington Counties, and the St. Croix River Valley.

Directors: Gerald C. Bren, John G. Couchman, Jeffrey T. Peterson, Jon A. Theobald

Images from left: Bronson & Folsom log deck, 1904; Bronson & Folsom storefront; “Steamer Clyde”, St.  Croix River, 1910. Photographs  by  Stillwater historian John Runk, from the Minnesota  Historical  Society collection